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Order Now! Order Now! Order Now!

VeeServers offered me a great price on two servers and have been there every step of the way. Anytime I have enountered an issue they have been there to resolve my issue. They act quick on your requests and always available to help no matter the problem.

I have been a customer for a while and couldn't be happier.
Thanks Guys!


I've Hosted game servers in different companies for a while now, from the cheap ones to the expensive ones And i really have to say that Veeservers Proved me that they are the best when it comes to a GSP. The price is simply amazing! I couldn't believe it when i made the deal.

I've hosted my servers for about a while now, and i'll continue with VeeServers because they are Amazing!


2000 FPS


Since opening on May 2007, VeeServers has dominated the GameServer industry with our up to date hardware and our blazing fast network. What is our motivation? To monopolize the market of Online Gaming Services. VeeServers has been one of the fastest growing GameServer Provider in the nation. Offering 8 homeland locations throughout the United States with thoughts of going international.

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